Increasing safety and improving efficiency.  IAAC utilizes the latest technology, experience and equipment to ensure airports meet the standards of the NextGen future.  One of the greatest concerns in the airport environment is maintaining capacity during all types of weather.  IAAC specializes in creating airport operations and procedures that maintain maximum capacity with enhanced safety. 



​​​​​PRE-FAA Part 139 inspection of your airport is critical in mitigating inspection issues and potential FAA fines.  IAAC utilizes a Pre-Part 139 inspection procedure that prepares the airport in obtaining the required annual FAA 14 CFR Part 139 - CERTIFICATION OF AIRPORTS.

Master Plans and Airport Layout Plans with integrated airline and ATC functions in the designs are one of our many specialties.​​

​IAAC designs and modifies Ramp Towers to meet changing technology and safety advancements.   

​Ensuring a safe and efficient airport includes environmental footprint management. IAAC establishes mitigation processes to minimize the effects of the airport to the community.  We assist airports in reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality status.

Our staff are members of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) and hold prestigious credentials as Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E), Certified Member (C.M.) and Airport Certified Employee (ACE).