Increasing safety and improving efficiency in the Air Traffic System is an important specialization at IAAC. As with Airports, IAAC utilizes the latest technology, experience and equipment to ensure Air Traffic Control (ATC) in all countries across the globe meet the standards regulated by ICAO, FAA, Local ATC and the NextGen future.  

IAAC has a staff of the finest experienced Traffic Management, ​​Air Traffic Controllers and Managers. Integrating the functions of a Traffic Management system into the Airport and Airline Operations is a goal for ATC systems worldwide.  IAAC will assist in establishing safe and seamless aviation operation systems utilizing the Safety Management System (SMS).  

International ATC training​ is a key specialty in IAAC.  We are certified FAA and ICAO ATC Instructors teaching fundamentals through advanced ATC systems.  ICAO course certifications include:

Air Traffic Control Basic (ICAO 051)
Aerodrome Control Tower (ICAO 052)
Approach Control Non-Radar/Procedural TRACON (ICAO 053)
Approach Control Surveillance TRACON (ICAO 054)
Area Control Non-Radar/Procedural (ICAO 055)
Area Control Surveillance (ICAO 054)

Air Traffic Control